Thursday, October 9, 2008


I know that people make fun of people who Google their own names, but I will be bold and admit that I do it on a regular basis. How else would I ever have known that British poet Matthew Merritt had reviewed my chapbook a couple of years ago, or that someone posted my book and rated it on GoodReads? So do it! Google yourself! It doesn't hurt at all.

Western MN Readings

This fall, I've done three readings for Letters to the World, an anthology of poetry by women from around the world. It's a collection of poems from members of Wom-Po, or the Women in Poetry List-serv, started in the late 90s by Annie Finch. I joined to read with the three other Minnesota contributors, Argie Manolis and Athena Kildegaard from Morris, MN, and Francine Sterle from the Gunflint Trail area, north of Duluth, MN. We read in Minneapolis in August, then at the Fergus Falls Art Center and University on MN, Morris in late September. All of the events were fantastic, and this poetic alliance is one I want to nurture and maintain. [Photo by Steve Peterson. L to R Back: LouAnn and Francine. Front: Athena and Argie].

More photos HERE.